Conference for professional developers

april 27-28, Tomsk
*DevPRO is a non-profit conference. All money from sponsors and tickets sales are used to cover all the expenses onspeakers, prizes, entertainment and food.

from Siberia






speakers from around
the world


conference lasts

The program is under development

Registration, invigorating morning coffee and warming tea
Opening, keynote
Siberian coffee break (tea, coffee, buns, vatrushki, pies)
Prizes form the partners. Closing
Master classes, debates, pitches and friendly chats

Perks of the conference

  • Exhibition


  • Prizes


  • Games


  • Refreshments


  • Networking


  • After-party



Overall, I liked how the event was organized. All the presentations were synchronized, so there was never a situation where one presentation hadn’t yet ended while another was already starting in a different room. The mobile app developed for the conference was really convenient. Thanks to the app, I could quickly find my way around and choose presentations that were useful and interesting to me. At the end, the speaker was able to answer my questions, and I had the opportunity to evaluate the presentation on a five-point scale.

Andrey Yurlov ELTEX team lead (Novosibirsk)

I was impressed but the number of participants and how lively the event was. Clemence and Roman got many questions after their presentation and Clemence had the opportunity to demo, in details, her TJBot to some developers.

Clemence Lebrun Developer Advocate IBM Europe (France)

The conference was really cool — it brought together over 700 participants! My impressions: the long registration lines weren’t so cool, but they were worth it. The atmosphere was awesome. Multiple sections, lectures on development, and just digital trends in general. I particularly remember the presentation on tech PR from Avito’s representative, probably because tech PR is part of my job.

Alexander Kokulin Event manager at Atvinta Digital Agency (Kemerovo)

Tomsk needs more events like this that bring together like-minded people from different IT companies. Here, there’s an exchange of experiences, and you can meet new people. You get an opportunity to hear an alternative point of view on familiar things, and learn about developments and activities at other Tomsk IT companies. That’s really valuable. Thank you, Rubius, for creating such a great tradition for Tomsk’s IT community.

Irina Zaloznych HR Sidenis (Tomsk)

For our team, the conference was intense. In total, we attended more than 20 interesting presentations, visited meetings, discussed current issues with developers from other companies, won the licenses from JetBrains and Parallels we needed for our work, and — of course — went to the after-party. The event was very professionally organized. Thanks to DevPRO for pulling us out of the vacuum and letting us share our experiences with our colleagues. It was cool, and we’re looking forward to DevPRO’19!

Atomiq Team Tomsk

I was impressed by the Live Demo. It's programming right now, like during a live operation. The Interweb representatives had a very lively presentation, with practical advice for teams that don’t have their own designer or UX/UI specialist, and — as always — they have no time.

Unfortunately, I was absent during Sergei Oshayev's speech, but I feel like I’ve already heard him and agree with him in many respects. Тhe purpose of the conference was also really striking for me: to turn Tomsk into Silicon Valley. Good luck to you guys in making it a reality!

Margarita Suvorova Elkom+ (Tomsk)

I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to say the most important thing: thanks. Thank you for what you are doing. I have long been tormented by these questions: what's next? What do I want to do? Thanks to the conference and the positively-minded people there, I no longer have any doubts about where I want to go with my life. While I was driving home, I seriously revised my attitude towards the world and people. You said that a single spoken word can change a lot. That’s true. Thanks!

Alexander Migutsky Kemerovo

Мобильное приложение «DevPRO»

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